Tuesday, July 31, 2012

26 in 26

Linking up with Living in Yellow, I've decided to make a list of 26 things I will do in my 26th year (and since I just turned 26 I have quite a lot of time :) )

1. Run 5 5ks

I really want to work up to a half marathon before I'm 30 (see the 30 before 30 list) so  This is a good way to do it!

2. Finish painting/ decorating my house.

I've only been in it for 3 months and we've (my dad has been helping a lot!) accomplished quite a bit.

These (above) were both from right when I closed on the house, it looks better now :) 

3. Organize my lesson plan binders by unit for school

I've slowly started this, buying a binder per unit to put all of my master copies in and I've been buying tubs to put larger items in.

4. Start a weekly link up on my blog!

When I get enough followers...and figure out how to make a button...of course!

5. Write a manual for class advisors

I've been kind of thrown into this class advisor thing (class of 2016!) and I'd love to help out other teachers who decide to try it for the first time.  

6. Go to the graduation ceremony for finishing my masters!!

7. Enroll in some kind of weekly fitness class

yoga or Zumba perhaps?

8. Try a new recipe a week

I cannot cook and this needs to change!

9. Stick with this healthier lifestyle change

And hopefully see some results!

10.  Take more pictures!

I've realized I can never take enough pictures and I always have my iPhone so why not?!

11. read a book a month this year.

I've already far surpassed that this summer but I seem to let myself get caught up in the school year and never read.  I'm sure I can fit in a book a month.

I just FINALLY finished the Hunger Games (it took me a year to get around to reading them and only two days to finish the series!) and I now need a good series to read....


12. Start an Etsy shop

I already have two eBay shops and occasionally find great vintage things on Etsy.  I've also started to make wreaths and have been dabbling with dye.

Almost done with this wreath (don't have an updated pic) but I will post the tutorial when I'm done :)

Dye and blue elmers glue (tutorial coming)

Recognize the quote?

13. Start a tutorial section on the blog

I've seen so many great ideas on how to set up tutorial sections and I have so many projects I'd love to add.  Maybe 1-2 a month.

14. Start donating free items to animal shelters (again)

There are so many great pet coupons that result in free items, I need to continue doing it and find a new shelter to donate to (since I moved).  Shelters always need newspaper too (to line cages).

15. Go to the Toledo Zoo 

16. Go shopping less

17. Buy and install a new front door.  

You can see the ugly broken screen door (^) and I want to add a teal front door and cute wooden decorative screen 

18. Write more letters

I really want to buy some Erin Condren stationary....and that means I'll need to write to justify it.  
 Ok and some address labels...

19. Folding my laundry. 

It usually just sits in the dryer, for awhile...sometimes until I wear it...

20. Try to keep plants alive.

My hydrangeas are by far not doing great.  Any ideas?

21. Get dressed/ do may hair at least a few times a week in the summer.

22. Pay off debt.  And stay debt free

23. Go to a concert

24.  Finish my 30 in 30 List and maybe make a 101 in 1001 list??

25. Start a vacation fund.

Italy 2014 maybe??

for trip #3 (I really love Italy!)

26. Embrace being 26

I think I've been in denial since 24...

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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