Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Monday


Dear Grad School classes.... I am so excited to finish one and be back to one class.  Two classes worth of reading, paper writing and portfolio projects is starting to make my summer vacay seem like being back at work.  I'm a little scared to find out what two grad classes plus school will be like in the fall...

Dear Summer.... I LOVE being off of work for the summer...but it is really hard to work up the motivation to mow the lawn when it is 100+ degrees, this is Michigan, we aren't used to this... Also I desperately need to get AC, also hard to clean the house when it is 88 inside, eek.

Dear Target.... I love to do my grocery shopping here but the tempting number of sales/ clothing means I spend more money on non food items than not.  I think it's back to Kroger for a few weeks!

Dear Erin Condren.... I am soooo excited to get my life planner.  I really wish it would update to Printing on my order status because I am stalking it 5 times a day.  I can't wait to put an update when I get it.  So EXCITED!!!

Back to project proposal writing I go!



  1. target gets me all the time between their clearance racks and their $1 section!

    cute blog!!

    1. Thanks! I love the clearance rack at Target too!