Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy Love

I love Etsy.  I love crafts and all things handmade and envy those that are creative enough to create the gorgeous things I see on Etsy.  I've bought quite a few different things and would love to showcase all of my favorite shops! 

Click here to see her shop! 

SLUGS are bootliners for Hunter and other Wellie type boots.  I have black ones for my pink Hunters and I love them.  The ladies also sew unique buttons on the sides of each sock for a cute touch.  They are also nearly half the price of Wellie socks!!

Karleigh Jae leather books:
I have this journal and I LOVE it!!! 

I love journaling, like blogging, and this one is gorgeous and a great size to fit into my purse!

Click here to see her lovely shop!

I bought one that said 'believe' for Christmas and it was adorable above our doorway.  I highly recommend her signs if you like to decorate by theme.  :)

Click here to visit her shop. 

PinkysPetGear  Collars:
This is the collar that my cat wears, it is super cute and the only one he has kept on!

This shop uses a lot of designer fabrics for their collars (cat or dog) including Lilly Pulitzer!

Click here to see her shop!

These are all shops I have bought items from that I love!  I haven't been paid anything to review them but I love to share shops that are great.  

What shops do you love?



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment! I love those Hunter boots and the tall socks for them - it's probably a good thing I don't brose etsy too much; I'd be broke! Do you like your Hunter boots? I've been considering buying a pair, but need a good recommendation first! :)

  2. I try to only look at etsy every few weeks, it is too hard not to buy everything! I LOVE my Hunter boots. I have the tall in glossy pink that I got from (which is great because you have free ship/return to try different sizes) and a short black pair I found on Ebay for $60. They have so many cute colors too...I'm debating on a tall gray pair next!

  3. I love the soaps and the handcrafted leather journals. I have a thing for journals.