Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY and Reviews to come!

I FINALLY ordered my Birchbox, I've read so many good reviews of them that hopefully I'll have mine in a couple weeks and I plan to do a detailed review!

This week was my birthday and two of my friends took me to get a stress relieving treatment at Douglas J (Aveda training salon) in Royal Oak, MI.  It was great and really affordable.  I highly recommend it if you live in the area!

After the amazing massage/mini facial, we went to Joann fabrics and bought supplies to make a wreath (full details to come!), an apron (see elephant print lower down), and an awesome turquoise flannel blanket.  

(Note: coupons to Joanns, they aren't mine but often other couponers leave them in aisles on fixtures.  I always seize the opportunity to use them)

Since we decided to do a 'craft night' kind of spur of the moment, we didn't have coupons printed for Joann's.  All it took was a quick phone search for coupons (and this lovely flier) for a 50% off one item plus 20% off total purchase AND I found out Joann's does a 10% card for students and 15% card for teachers (both of which apply to me!).  

crafting on my friend's floor

(excuse the poor photo I was trying to take a picture of a picture in the store )

While trying to decide whether to make the 4th of July wreath I saw on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this idea on the package of felt.  I decided this was more multi-season (less colors) and an easy first try.  I'll update with detail instructions and pics when I finish it this week.

(in progress!)

Lots of tracing and cutting!

Today we went to the Plymouth Art Fair, I'll leave you with some cute signs we found.


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